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Authenticity guaranteed! All our products are 100% original.

We guarantee all items on Silver.Ag are 100% authentic, original, natural and pure as per product description. 

Our jewelry is made exclusively from precious metals (silver, gold, platinum). We do not work with imitations and cheap costume jewelry (made of iron, steel, brass, fake costume jewelry metals, various gold- and silver-plated replicas, etc.).

We work only with real, natural, precious gemstones and diamonds, that are carefully selected by our experienced professionals (gemologists).

We do not work with imitations, glass, artificial (man-made) stones and so on. Therefore, unfortunately, we do not work even with the so-called Swarovski crystals, which are actually a composition of lead glass - this material is, in our opinion, too soft and non-durable for use in real jewelry.


Why are our prices so low?

This is one of our most frequent asked question. The answer is simple - low margins! We are direct producer and unlike retail stores and outlets, we don’t pay for rent at fancy shopping centers.


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