Silver spoon

Silver spoon, Ag 925/1000. The silver spoon is a classic and unique present for childbirth or for a child's birthday. It is believed that silver spoons bring health, wealth and success - of this belief comes the famous old saying: "He was born with a silver spoon in the mouth." Spoon is fully functional. Before use we recommend the spoon be washed thoroughly. Wash the spoon by hand, without using any abrasive means. Dimensions approx. 65x7mm.
$ 48.72
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Produkt: X0076Špecifikácia

  • Na sklade
    for man
    for women
    for children
  • Typ šperku
    other (money clips, spoons, pacifiers...)
    without stones
  • Inšpekcia
    Jewelery inspected by State Assay Office
    Silver (Ag), 925/1000
  • Hmotnosť
    3.1 g

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