Measuring your ring size

Here are some simple ways to determine the right size of the ring that you need:

Get the measurement at the nearest jewelry store

Go to the nearest "brick and mortar" jewelry store and let them measure the size of your finger with jeweler's finger gauges.

Print out guides for determining ring size

Print out on a printer the following guide to determine ring size: guide.pdf

We can send you a gauger of finger size for free

If none of the mentioned ways suits you, order any other item from us (necklace, pendant, earrings, etc) and we will send you the finger gauger for FREE along with the item.

Measure the finger size with the string

Wrap the string around the finger (careful - do not pull the string too tight, you must be able to take the ring off as well).
Mark the point, where the string crosses with a marker.
Measure the length in millimeters.

Compare the obtained length with the table below, you will get the ring size:

Conversion table for ring sizes:

 www.Silver.Ag conversion table for ring sizes

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