Sterling silver pendant, Saint Christopher

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Sterling silver pendant, Saint Christopher

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Producer: Silver.Ag

Sterling silver pendant, Ag 925/1000.

Saint Christopher helped people get to the other side of the violent river. One day it happened, that had a child appeared, who wanted to go also to the other side of the river. Christopher thus took him on his shoulders and carried. The child, however, was heavier and heavier by each step. Christopher felt as if he carries all the world on his shoulders. Then child was presented himself as the Savior of the whole world and made him stabbed his stick into the ground on the river bank. Christopher did so, and by the next day the stick took roots and grew out into gorgeous palm tree. A lot of people, thanks to this miracle, turned to faith. Saint Christopher is the patron of motorists and all passengers, pilots, boatmen, sailors, businessmen, athletes, doctors, miners, carpenters, children, and is invoked in bad weather, against the diseases and disaster prevention and also against sudden death.

Pendant dimensions (loop excl.) ca. 25x18 mm. Loop is freely moving, inner loop dimensions ca. 5x3.5 mm, suitable also for thicker chains.
Precious metal: silver
Gemstone type: without stones
Jewelry: for women, for men
Jewelry type: pendants
Purity: Silver (Ag), 925/1000, Jewelry inspected by State Assay Office
Weight: 4,4 g

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