Sterling silver pendant, tiger´s eye

Sterling silver pendant, tiger´s eye

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Sterling silver pendant, tiger´s eye

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Producer: Silver.Ag

Sterling silver pendant, Ag 925/1000. Massive pendant, handcrafted.

Tiger´s eye is on the goldsmiths coupling (silver wire inside the gem), it is not glued! With genuine, natural gemstone - tiger´s eye. Tiger eye is a protective gemstone, that is traditionally worn as a talisman against hostile thoughts and curses. It shows how to correctly use the power and brings its owner personal integrity. It helps in achieving the goals, finding inner resources and increasing the clarity of intentions. It's a stone that will serve well in finding your own needs as well as the needs of the others. It can distinguish between wishful thinking and what you really need. On the rational level tiger´s eye compensates the activity of both cerebral hemispheres and increases their practical use. Helps to collect scattered information and generates one unit out of them. Facilitates the resolution of internal conflicts and dilemmas, mainly caused by pride and stubbornness. Tiger´s eye is a particularly useful crystal for the treatment of mental imbalance and disorder. In the intellectual life, it helps to solve problems associated with the inability to recognize your own cost, excessive self-criticism and blocked abilities. It helps to recognize your own talents and abilities, but, at the same time, it draws attention to the errors that need to be overcome. Supports those, who are too dependent on others, and encourages them to make a change. On an emotional level, tiger´s eye keeps the balance between yin and yang energies of emotional body, suppresses depression and improves mood.

Gemstone characteristics: Type: Natural gemstone - tiger´s eye. Country of origin: Africa. Carat weight: 17.11 ct. Cabochon cut, diameter 14 mm. Color: Brown-yellow, characteristic chatoyancy effect. Clarity: Opaque. Luster: Very good. Hardness: 6.5 - 7.0 Mohs. Specific gravity: 2.58. Refractive index: 1.534 - 1.540.

Gemstone diameter ca. 14 mm, inner loop dimensions ca. 6x3 mm - suitable also for thick chains.
Precious metal: silver
Gemstone type: tiger's eye
Jewelry: for women
Jewelry type: pendants
Purity: Silver (Ag), 925/1000, Jewelry inspected by State Assay Office
Weight: 4,5 g

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