Gold pendant • ankh

Gold pendant, Au 375/1000 (9K yellow gold).

Ankh - Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol of eternal life. The Egyptian's gods were often displayed with Ankh bearing its loop, or with the Ankh in each hand crossed on the chest. It is also known as the cross of life, cross of the Nile or the crux ansata.

Dimensions without loop approx. 29x13x1 mm. The loop is large enough even for thicker chain.
$ 145.08
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Produkt: P1046Špecifikácia

  • Na sklade
    for man
    for women
    for children
  • Typ šperku
    without stones
  • Inšpekcia
    Jewelery inspected by State Assay Office
    Gold Au 375/1000 (9K)
  • Hmotnosť
    0.88 g

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