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Earring fastenings

Types of earring fastenings


We present the most used and popular kinds of earring fastenings used with jewels of precious metals (gold and silver).  In cheap trinket earrings, we sometime find other, less reliable types of fastenings (stickers, magnets, etc.), but these will not be discussed. 








Silver earrings with lever back type fastening

Lever back (ladies patent, French fastening)


The most popular fastening for longer earrings and probably the most common type of fastening in Europe. It cannot be used for very short earrings. This type of fastening uses a hinged lever in the back of the earring and is very reliable and secure.

















Silver earrings with lever back style fastening

Latch back (Russian patent)


An alternative to the lever back fastening, this is suitable for shorter earrings. The clasp is more hidden by the pattern of the earring, and therefore has more of an elegant impact in shorter designs.

















Silver earrings with friction back style fastening

Friction back (push back)


This is also a very common and popular type of fastening. Earrings are inserted through the hole in the earlobe and a clasp is fastened at the back called a butterfly (this type of fastening is sometimes called the butterfly clasp). Very reliable fastening, is used primarily for very small earrings where another type of fastening cannot be used.
















Silver earrings with afrohook fastening

Afrohook (African hook)


This fastening is particularly popular with silver earrings. Earrings with this closing are generally worn for an occasion. If you are concerned about losing an earring during the day, you can add a friction back to keep it in place.
















Silver earrings - classic hoops

Classic hoops


A well-known and popular type of fastening for larger, circular earrings. There are two types: In the more common one, a staple is inserted into the opposite tube, and in the less common one (the French fastening) the staple clicks into place on the opposite side.















Silver earrings - hoops with french lock style fastening

Classic hoops - French lock 



















Gold earrings with diamonds and sapphires with toggle style fastening

Toggle fastening


This is mainly used in small loop earrings. One end of the earring joins to the other by means of a clasp snapping into the opposite end of the earring.


















Silver pearl earrings with jewelry clasp style fastening

Jewelry clasp (French back)


A less common method of fastening earrings, suitable especially for quite large designs. Earrings are passed through the ear and secured behind with a clasp which folds upwards. This fastening is very comfortable and safe.
















Silver earrings with modern threading fastening

Threading fastening


A modern method fastening earrings which is only used for longer, chain-type earrings. Earrings are threaded through the ear, which keeps them in place. This kind of fastening is less reliable and inappropriate for sports. For additional security, a friction back can be added.















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