Sterling silver ring • zirconia • aventurine • flower

Sterling silver ring, Ag 925/1000. Genuine 14K white gold plated. With zirconia (CZ) and genuine, natural gemstone - aventurine.

Ring with solitaire gemstone and ultra sleek silhouette of the flower.

Aventurine is a gemstone that acts highly positively to everything that is related to the prosperity and wealth. It is strongly linked to the realm of devas, you can use it to protect gardens or homes from geopathogenic zones. Aventurine which you carry with you, absorbs electromagnetic smog and protects you against environmental pollutants. If you attach it to a mobile phone, it also ensures protection against EMG pollution coming out of it. Aventurine crystal is mitigating or completely cancels the impact of negative situations and turns them to the opposite. On the mental plane, aventurine strengthens the skills needed to manage other people. It also acts favorably on the endurance. It can introduce you back into the past, where you can find the roots of the current imbalances. Gemstone helps against stuttering and severe neuroses, because it facilitates an understanding of the problems that underlie these disorders. Aventurine stabilizes mental condition, promotes responsiveness and enhances creativity. It teaches a sensitive perception of the different possibilities and options - especially those the others. Aventurine is combining intellectual and emotional personality into one layer. It helps to relieve anger and irritation. It encourages expressions of feelings and helps us to remain us at the heart of another person. It helps to create a pleasant state of equilibrium (physical side). Regulates the growth of children from birth to seven years. It maintains a balance between the masculine and feminine energies and stimulates the regeneration of the heart. Aventurine spiritually protects cardiac chakra, which helps ut to defend against psychological vampirism which is exhausting our heartfelt energy. Green aventurine helps to soothe and relieve heart pain. It returns things back under control and helps well in adverse conditions. It wards off nausea and dispel negative emotions and thoughts. As a versatile therapeutic agent, it brings a sense of serenity and wellbeing.
Gemstone characteristics:
Type: Natural gemstone - aventurine. Country of origin: Brazil. Carat weight: 2.27 ct. Round cut, faceted, diameter 8 mm. Color: Green. Clarity: VS. Luster: Excellent. Hardness: 6.50 - 7.00 Mohs. Specific gravity: 2.64 - 2.69. Refractive index: 1.544 - 1.553.

Pattern diameter ca. 24 mm, band width ca. 2 mm.
$ 105.88
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Produkt: R3279_57Špecifikácia

  • Na sklade
    for women
  • Typ šperku
    cubic zirconia (CZ),aventurine
  • Inšpekcia
    Jewelery inspected by State Assay Office
    Silver (Ag), 925/1000
  • Hmotnosť
    5.7 g

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