Sterling silver ring • snake (cobra) • fleur de lis

Sterling silver ring, Ag 925/1000. Perfectly crafted snake, the sides are decorated with stylized lilies symbol, called "fleur de lis". Fleur de lis is a decorative symbol used mainly in French heraldry. In Christianity the snake is symbol of an energy and clean power, in the occult knowledges it is Astral. The snake was also a symbol of various mysteries and had been the subject of worship, for example in the Gnostic ofit sect or Brazilian Macumba witchcraft and wizardry sect. In ancient Egypt, snake expressed cosmic powers. In many nations, such as China, the snake is considered wise, but evil and crafty animal. In China, people are also keeping the snake skin, because they believe that they become rich thanks to it. Pattern width ca. 20 mm, rearward tapering to ca. 4.5 mm.
$ 107.25
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Produkt: R3312_49Špecifikácia

  • Na sklade
    for man
    for women
  • Typ šperku
    without stones
  • Inšpekcia
    Jewelery inspected by State Assay Office
    Silver (Ag), 925/1000
  • Hmotnosť
    9 g

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