Sterling silver ring • white topaz • forever

Sterling silver ring, Ag 925/1000. Genuine 14K yellow gold plated. With genuine, natural gemstone - 7x white topaz.

Romantic ring with the FOREVER inscription.

White topaz gives us a better concentration of the mind. It stimulates spirituality and purifies the emotions and feelings. It is used in order to understand the personal karma, topaz strengthens loyalty and friendship. It brings love, wealth and protection to wearer. Its vibration energy is of great benefit to the body, it gives a sense of joy and abundance.

Gemstone characteristics:
Type: Natural gemstone - white topaz. Country of origin: Brazil. Carat weight: 0.40 ct. Round, faceted cut, diameter 2 mm. Color: White, translucent. Clarity: VVS. Luster: Excellent. Hardness: 8.0 Mohs. Specific gravity: 3.49 - 3.57. Refractive index: 1.606 - 1.644.

Pattern width ca. 3.5 mm.
$ 68.25
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Produkt: R3237_54Špecifikácia

  • Na sklade
    for women
  • Typ šperku
  • Inšpekcia
    Jewelery inspected by State Assay Office
    Silver (Ag), 925/1000
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    2.3 g

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